Moon Baby Gongs

Every story has a beginning, and Moon Baby Gongs is no different. It began when Jessie met independent gong maker, Ryan Shelledy in December of 2015. A relationship blossomed, and a deep loving partnership took root. After a few years passed, they decided it was time for a change. Following 20 years in the restaurant industry, Jessie was ready to finally take charge and create her own path. With the encouragement and instruction of Ryan, she began creating her handheld wind style Walking Gongs. Early in 2023, confident in her new abilities and with the amazing support of her partner Ryan, Moon Baby Gongs was born. 

About the Artist

Jessie currently lives and works in the Kansas City area with her partner, fellow independent gong maker, Ryan Shelledy. Jessie enjoys surrounding herself with nature, whether in her garden or hitting the trails with their dog, Buddy. "The calm that our bodies and minds crave can always be found in nature. Nature is where life began, and it's where it returns when it ends. I really try to bring that sense of peace, and connection to the universe through nature, into the essence of my gongs."